1947 * Sanko Kako Co., Ltd. established.
* Production and sales of Pias cosmetics commenced.

1949 * "Lip Flora Belles Modes Cream" launched.
1950 * Sanko Kako Co., Ltd. renamed Pias Co. Ltd.
* "Pias Flora AB" launched.
1952 * "Pias Color" consumer-use cosmetics launched.
1953 * National advertising campaign through tie-in with a popular movie conducted.
1955 * Pias Star Parade held in major cities in Japan by inviting regular customers of Pias cosmetics.
1958 * Overseas trading department established.
1960 O'Leary Corporation commences operation.
1963 * O'Leary "Covermark S" goes on sale.
* Opera "Slim Line" lipsticks launched.
1964 * Pias sponsors a popular TV drama series.
* Opera "Colorful Eyeliner" and "101-color Lipsticks" go on sale.
1967 * Imported oral cleaning device "Water Pik" launched in Japan.
* Opera "Eye Petit" goes on sale.