Products are finalized at production facilities where products destined to end-consumers are completed. The Pias Group's production activities center on the Kakegawa facility in Japan as well as another facility in China. Both facilities feature a strict quality control system that covers all stages of production from procuring raw materials to final product distribution. At the Kakegawa facility, production and logistic functions are effectively combined and coordinated through a fully established system that can rapidly distribute finished products throughout Japan.
Pias Group Kakegawa Factory
The Kakegawa Factory serves as the center for production and logistics for the Pias Group. In a site occupying nearly 90,000 square meters, factory buildings and warehouses are connected with corridors and strategically laid out for a smooth and efficient flow of people and products. A distinctively designed space that emphasizes worker comfort has also been implemented. Pias believes that the most suitable production style for luxury items such as cosmetics should be a workshop style with each product hand-made by dedicated staff from start to finish. The refined, comfort-oriented building design with large, sunny windows blends well into the natural landscape colors of the surroundings, and is clearly the embodiment of Pias's beliefs.
Pias Group Distribution Center
The Distribution Center forms the heart of the Pias Group's logistic operations. The center is housed within the Kakegawa facility so it is possible to link production and distribution processes as efficiently and smoothly as possible. This lies behind the Pias Group's ability to ensure a rapid and reliable delivery of products to any location in Japan.