The Pias Group fs mission is to develop and offer high-value products and services while addressing the key elements that form our concepts of health and beauty and seeking ideal ways to attain them.
This naturally involves fully satisfying customer requirements, but should not be limited to that alone. We place prime importance on our unflagging commitment to pursue the essential elements and ideal form of beauty and health. Strategy and brand image are important. But we feel that the products and services that constitute the base of our brands are even more important in addition to our ability to create original and beneficial products and services that were previously unavailable.
Three principles guide our corporate activities to fulfill this mission.
They are:
* Keeping integrity and determination strong.
* Thinking a matter through.
* Combining knowledge and power to work as a team.
These principles also guide us to advance to other innovations and breakthroughs.
The ultimate goal is to make the Pias Group a fully responsible corporate citizen, one that is trustworthy and enjoys a positive evaluation by society. It should be an ideal workplace that fulfills employees both materially and spiritually.