The extraordinary quality of Pias products has its origins in the intensive R&D that is constantly performed. At its central R&D Laboratory, Pias employs a multifaceted approach to realize its next-generation beautification and healthcare technologies that range from basic technological research, development of new materials to advanced dermatology. The Group's many alliances and partnerships with universities and research institutions provides ideal support to its quest to develop cosmetics distinguished by strong scientifically-proved functionality and practical efficacy.
Pias Group Central R&D Laboratory
Kobe's High Technology Park is home to the Pias Group Central R&D Laboratory and many other high-tech research organizations. Comprising one research department and two development departments, the Laboratory is the engine that powers Pias' progressive efforts to create and introduce products offering real benefits and distinctive characteristics that distinguish Pias from the competition. The Laboratory is dedicated to promoting the development of effective new ingredients and product implementation technologies while maintaining close ties with universities and medical professionals.

As the Pias Group's scope of business expands, research handled by the Central R&D Laboratory diversifies as well. Increasing importance is placed on development themes such as products tailored to each brand strategy, and maintaining higher product safety. In addition to high-function cosmetics with considerable growth potential, the Laboratory also conducts new areas of study such as medicine, biotechnology and nanotechnology. Aiming for significant results by developing its proprietary technologies and passing them as legacies to future generations, research is constantly ongoing at the Central R&D Laboratory.
Policy on Animal Testing
Beauty Laboratory
The Beauty Laboratory is tasked with developing beauty care policies and theories for the entire Pias Group and establishing brand-specific beauty care strategies and techniques. The Laboratory also devises color-marketing techniques based on color trend studies and composes an educational curriculum for training attendants and esthetic treatment experts to help them acquire more knowledge and practical skills. The Beauty Laboratory also advises from a cosmetics point of view regarding technological "seeds" and research results from the Central R&D Laboratory.