Pias Corporation and affiliate companies (collectively "the Company") prioritize the appropriate handling and storing of personal information of visitors to the Website in order to protect their personal information.
Definition of Personal Information
Personal information includes the name, address, age, phone number, email address, and other personally identifiable information provided by visitors to the Company through the Website.
Information Collection
The Company uses personal information registered by visitors on the Website for the purposes notified to visitors when they provide the respective information or for the purposes announced on the Website.
Purpose of the Use of Personal Information
The Company uses visitors' personal information in order to provide them with information about beauty and health related products or campaigns, to request them to participate in questionnaires, or to provide services such as counseling.
Use of Personal Information
Any personal information gathered on this Website and with other means may be shared within the Pias Group and within the scope of the stated purposes.
Disclosure of Personal Information for Third Parties
The Company does not provide visitors' personal information to third parties except for the following cases.
  • When visitors have given advance consent to disclose their personal information
  • When required by regulations
  • When it is necessary to protect human life, body, or properties
  • When it is necessary for the improvement of public health or sound growth of juveniles
  • Providing or disclosing personal information to subcontractors that the Company has a confidentiality agreement concerning personal information within the range necessary for the purposes notified to visitors
Disclosure and Revision of Personal Information and Stopping the Usage
When visitors request disclosure or revision of their personal information they have provided or they wish to stop the usage, the Company takes a prompt action according to regulations after identity verification.
Legal Compliance and Improvement of Handling Personal Information
The Company follows the Protection of Personal Information Law and other applicable Japanese regulations when handling visitors' personal information and continuously modifies and improves handling of personal information. For this purpose, the Company may revise its Privacy Policy without notice.
Management of Personal Information
The Company appropriately controls visitors' personal information and maintains security in order to prevent the leak of information.
The Company uses digital authentication provided by VeriSign Japan as SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted communication technology for security of personal information submitted by visitors. For authentication information, click the VeriSign Secure Site seal.