The growing diversity of market requirements is also becoming more specific. Centering on beauty and healthcare businesses, the Pias Group produces and sells cosmetics and medical products, as well as operates directly owned esthetic salons and shops. For this business sector, we implement a multi-brand strategy to more efficiently respond to diversified customer needs and various channels. By creating a comfortable workplace environment, the Pias Group also promotes its real estate business with the aim of effectively utilizing Group-owned real estate and property holdings such as buildings, stores and offices as essential resources for future corporate development.
"Covermark" is a very popular brand for foundation that satisfies adult women seeking flawless skin.
Based on the latest skin physiology, Acseine offers a range of cosmetics that solve increasing skin problems faced by adult women such as atopic dermatitis and pimples.
"KesalanPatharan" is a makeup brand renowned for rich and clear color shades.
We offer the brow specialty brand ANASTASIA MIARAY in premium locations such as high-end department stores.
Pias ShopWork operates shops that combine Pias Group high-grade brands at department stores and directly owned stores.

O'Leary products are available at leading beauty salons in Japan. They include foundation with effective cover-up for skin imperfections such as blemishes and dark circles, allowing a clear, flawless finish.
The "Laforré" line of high-function cosmetics is available at esthetic salons to help adult women improve skin conditions to recover natural skin beauty.
Papilio helps mature people to lead more comfortable and stylish lifestyles.
Restance Corporation
"Restance" brand acne care includes skincare and base/cover makeup products that are effective solutions for persistently recurring hard-to-cure acne problems.
Imju's consistently evolving solutions for beauty and healthcare and its dedication to serving customers with dependable quality and innovation set the company apart from its competition.
"ParaDo" is a Seven-Eleven exclusive original brand developed jointly with Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd.