With the theme of purification and anti-aging, "CarjuRajah Esthétic Salon" are located in luxurious hotels and department stores. This company also operates"Valdivage", "LATERRA" salons.
"Weltec" is a highly renowned brand among dental clinics. The company is dedicated to developing new and beneficial products to meet the wide-ranging needs of dental treatment and preventive dentistry.
Grafa Laboratories specializes in the development and marketing of dermatology- and cosmetic surgery-related products to assist in cure and treatment. The company's accumulated expertise in the field allows it to formulate cosmetics that conceal and camouflage skin discolorations.
Suishodo is committed to offering comprehensive support for beautification and healthcare, covering fields from beauty care to disease predication and prevention to medical treatment.
"VedaVie" has a selection of "herbal tea", "honey" and "natural oil" to meet the beauty and health needs of women.
"Celule" is a chain of eleven stores located throughout Japan, which provides trendy and fashionable outlet store and imported cosmetic products at affordable prices.
Elsol Products, a production division of the Pias Group, consistently maintains a customer's point-of-view and produces high-quality products with care comparable to craftsmen hand-making each product.
Fidica serves as on-consignment producer of skincare and makeup products for OEM customers. The company can provide full support covering product planning and selection of containers up to final production processes.